Llyn Padarn - a beautiful lake in Wales

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Llyn Padarn - a beautiful lake in Wales

Llyn Padarn is a magnificent glacially formed lake in North Wales. It sits at the heart of Snowdonia’s most spectacular scenery.

The lake is roughly 2 miles long and at its deepest point is 94 feet deep, and is one of the largest natural lakes in Wales. It sits at the foot of Wales’ highest mountain, Mount Snowdon.

Llyn Padarn is named after Padarn, an early 6th century saint. He has a church dedicated to him in Llanberis, a village on the southern banks of the lake. Llanberis acts as a hub for outdoor activities in the mountains and on the lake.

The Llanberis Lake Railway, a narrow gauge heritage railway, runs along the eastern bank of Llyn Padarn.

There is also a five mile walking route around the whole lake, offering many stunning views and photo opportunities, and many other trails in the surrounding country park.

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