Middleton Hall & Gardens - rescued by ramblers!


Middleton Hall & Gardens - rescued by ramblers!

Middleton Hall, near Tamworth on the North Warwickshire border, is a significant and historic grand old building featured in the Domesday Book of 1086, that was nearly lost to dereliction until rescued by the actions of a group of curious passers-by in the 1970's.

With a mix of architectural styles and long history, the Middleton Hall & Gardens estate covers 42 acres that encompass an historic manor house, an 18th-century Walled Garden and the oldest man-made lake in the county.

The hall has been home to many interesting characters including a commander of the Battle of Hastings, a Tudor explorer who died whilst trying to find a North-East passage to China, and two extraordinary naturalists.

A lived-in family home up until 1966, it was left derelict for 10 years until a group of ramblers came across it during a walk. They were so dismayed at its sorry state that they founded Middleton Hall Trust and a team of dedicated volunteers still runs the attraction today.

Tours of the hall and gardens allow visitors to explore the site’s 900-year history including the Tudor Jettied Building and Great Hall, and grand Georgian west wing.

The historic Walled Garden was built in 1717 and was used predominantly as a produce garden.  It was built with heated walls and a Bothy, which have all stood the test of time.  Today, the garden is fully restored and boasts an array of different plants and flowers throughout the seasons.  It is a haven for wildlife, bees and butterflies in particular. 

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