Picton Castle Gardens, Pembrokeshire

Stately Home & Garden

Picton Castle Gardens, Pembrokeshire

Situated within the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, Picton's charming 13th Century castle is surrounded by over 40 acres of RHS gardens.

Originally built ias a medieval fortress, Picton Castle has evolved over the years, transforming into a stately home and, eventually, an appealing visitor attraction.

A treasured family home for over 700 years, the elegant rooms feature magnificent fireplaces by Sir Henry Cheere, and fine works of art, including the controversial ‘Picton Renoir’.*

Picton Castle is open to visitors for guided tours from spring to autumn and the gardens are open all year round.

Beyond its historical significance, Picton Castle is renowned in particular for its stunning gardens. Spanning 40 acres, the grounds showcase a diverse array of plants, flowers, and rare species. Visitors can wander through themed gardens, including a walled garden, fernery, woodland and a Mediterranean garden created in about 1800.

There is a restaurant and shop and self-catering accommodation is available in the gatehouse lodges. Events such as exhibitions, fairs and workshops are held periodically and the venue is available for weddings.

*There is some controversy over the painting's authenticity, which became the subject of an episode of the BBC television programme Fake or Fortune?

Image is from wikimedia.

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