Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum

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Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum

Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum in South Yorkshire houses the largest collection of preserved trolleybuses in the world - with its oldest dating from 1927.

It has been open at its current site since 1969 when a group of historical transportation societies joined together to form the museum at a former RAF base at Sandtoft. Since that time, volunteers have transformed a barren site into a museum with the addition of workshop, vehicle depot and exhibition building.

The collection features mainly British trolleybuses but also examples from Europe and North America.

These non-polluting vehicles were very popular as a transition between trams and diesel buses in the UK. Whilst they remain popular in other countries, in Britain they have largely disappeared.

The last trolleybus service in the UK (apart from museums) closed in 1972 in Bradford and the collection includes several examples from Bradford dating back to 1929.

The trolleybuses at the museum operate on a specially constructed overhead circuit on Open Days. Visitors are able to ride the buses as much as they like for free after entry. The museum also runs free ours of the local area using one of a number of preserved motorbuses.

Other displays include a trolleybus simulator, photographic displays, 1950's and 1960's shop window displays, a 1950's Prefab bungalow, guided tours and slide shows - plus a cycle museum and displays.

The museum is open on selected weekends and for events.

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