The goldfinch - one of our most striking garden birds


The goldfinch - one of our most striking garden birds

The goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) is a charming and distinctive bird native to Britain, celebrated for its vibrant plumage and melodic twittering.

Its striking appearance, characterised by a red face, black and white markings, and a golden-yellow wing stripe, makes it a favourite among garden birdwatchers.

Goldfinches are often found in gardens, meadows, and woodland edges throughout the UK.

Increasingly goldfinches are visiting garden feeders in Britain. It is well-known that black niger seeds are a good way to attract them.

Goldfinches are also particularly fond of teasel and verbena seed heads so have a go at growing these in your garden to encourage these gorgeous birds.

Another favourite is thistle seeds. Goldfinchees have specialised bills to extract seeds from the heads of thistles, earning them the nickname "thistle finch." Additionally, they consume a variety of other seeds, berries, and insects.

However by winter they will have migrated to warmer climates as far away as Spain.

Goldfinches generally live about two years, with the oldest wild bird currently recorded at 10 years old.

Goldfinches have a rich cultural history, featuring prominently in European mythology and art. In Christian symbolism, the goldfinch is associated with the Passion of Christ, as its red face is believed to have been acquired while trying to remove thorns from Christ's crown.

In literature, the goldfinch is a recurring motif, symbolizing resilience and beauty.

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