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St Andrews Botanic Garden

The St Andrews Botanic Garden is an 18-acre botanical garden in the university town of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

The St Andrews Botanic Garden was founded by St Andrews University in 1889. It is full of plants native to Scotland which are adapted to the clay and limestone soil that prevail in this area.

The gardens are said to contain more than 8000 species of native and exotic plants, plus a rock garden, rhododendron glade, pond, pinetum and the new Tangled Bank, showcasing the best of North East Fife plant life, incorporating sand dunes, meadows, glades, meandering grass paths and a boardwalk.

Apparently you can also see our native red squirrels in the gardens.

Judging from the mixed reviews - many very good - others not - it seems that this Botanic Garden (like the one on the Isle of Wight) is pivoting from being an educational cornucopia of plants from around the world to a "rewilding" of local plants concept. The glasshouses have been removed partly due to energy efficiency concerns.

We will see how this plays out ... will it be a winning strategy?

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