Tregothnan - home of Cornish tea!


Tregothnan - home of Cornish tea!

With an increasing emphasis on buying local produce, the avid tea-drinkers of Britain can now buy the most British tea in history - grown on Britain's only tea plantation at Tregothnan estate near Truro, Cornwall.

Tregothnan is a country house and estate which has been home to the Boscawen family since 1334. There has been a botanical garden on the estate since at least the 1600s, and Tregothnan was home to the first outdoor camellias in the UK in around 1800. The tea garden arose from the estate's botanical collection and its special micro-climate and acidic soil.

A tea plantation was started on the grounds in 1999. The first 'English tea' was then sold in November 2005 to Fortnum & Mason of Piccadilly, and several teas are now available in various outlets and online.

The estate now encourages plantation visits and experiences, enhanced by the scenic location on the banks of a river running through Tregothnan.

The tea is highly regarded internationally. In 2018 leaves from Tregothnan were used for tea at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

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